About Us

Wize Dynamics is an emerging name in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Combining the Engineering disciplines of Electrical, Computer Science and Mechatronics. Delivering Real Time AI Decisions and Response. Partnered with and based at iAccelerate.

The Wize Dynamics Team

Bilal Arshad

"Elliott, that's your job."

General Manager

"Put it in my tray, I will get to it."

Software Architect

"It's done. What's next?"


"Check this out -"


Artificial Intelligence

Neural networks and machine learning services, including programming, tutorials, collaborative work and research.

Web Development

Setup, launch and maintenance of your website for personal and business needs.

Mobile Applications

iOS and Android application development.


CAD modeling of mechanical components, organic modeling and rendering for digital artwork, 3D printing and restoration projects.


Social media, photography, filming and editing.


Our Address

Office 2 Building 239
Innovation Campus
1 Squires Way, North Wollongong,
NSW 2500

Our Phone

Bilal: 0469 720 682

Elliott: 0402 363 857